31 March 2015: EBAT Player Tournament Updates

Big congratulations to all our players who have been competing over the past few days.

Lets start with Elliott - our current Player of the Month who has just started the transition to Orange Ball. Elliott competed in his first Orange Ball tournament at the weekend. Great attitude as always and not phased by the tough step up from Red to Orange ball.

Jasper Mardell: Well done to Jasper who competed in the Red Ball tournament at the Officers Club over in Colchester on Sunday. Jasper is really coming on strong and having a great training / competition period at the moment. Jasper managed to get through the last 16 which is a great achievement. 

Haviel Eusebio-Innocencio: Big congratulations to Haviel who competed in a Red Ball tournament yesterday in Billericay. Always good for players to widen their competition base. Great tournament for Haviel who achieved a well deserved 3rd place - backed up with great feedback from the tournament organiser who complemented Haviel's performance & attitude.

Eleanor Garwood: Well done to Eleanor who competed in the Orange Ball tournament at Holbrook over the weekend before last. Tough draw with some great little players competing - but our congratulations to Eleanor who achieved 3rd place.

Well done to all who have competed - many matches going right to the wire. Keep working and fighting hard - no-one has an automatic right to win a match and always believe.

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