4 May 2015: BBC’s James Burridge and Bally’s Legacy a Year on.

A year on following the passing of our wonderful inspiration Bally a wonderful story was written by James Burridge to commemorate her anniversary and the work that has been completed over the past year to push Elena's vision. Throughout Elena's time on the tour James closely followed her performance and was a key supporter. This support has continued throughout the development of the academy from when it started up to the present day. 11150598_825664277509741_187860818502911140_n The story was a fitting tribute by James expressing the support the academy has but also the commitment that both the players and team have to the sport that was Elena's life. Without Elena the 9000 children we have introduced tennis to this year would have not had this opportunity. This is something we long to continue and with the support of James and the tennis community we will. To view this wonderful piece by James about Bally's legacy follow the link below:- Bally's legacy thrives in Ipswich All at the academy and foundation would like to thank James for his continued support and the moving piece he produced for our beautiful Bally and academy.

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