6 April 2015: Yellow Ribbons to Honour ‘Our Bally’

With the first anniversary coming of the passing of our wonderful Bally, the academy and foundation are looking to honour her life and legacy by placing yellow ribbons around lampposts in the street. We plan for everyone to place their ribbons outside the night before on the 3rd May 2015. We would love if the parents and players of the academy would join us and honour 'Our Bally'. If you are willing to support us through this please contact Heidi on 07979123826. Below we have also included some words from Nino, Bally's husband, on the plans they had for her fantastic academy. "Bally through her legacy and spirit is still supporting and affecting the children of the academy, the love and respect that the tennis fraternity has for my beautiful wife will ensure that Bally's Tennis Academy will continue to grow and go from strength to strength. Bally and I discussed the structure, plans and vision for EBAT over many years, with Bally's strength and spirit still with me I will work tirelessly with our board of Trustees and coaching staff to ensure your children continue to grow in our wonderful sport of tennis." We look forward to hearing from you all and seeing your support on the coming anniversary of our beautiful Bally.

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