AEGON Team Tennis Report – July 2015

This seasons AEGON Team Tennis Event saw EBAT enter the competition for the very first time.  With this being our first year in the event we were a little unsure of what to expect, we had no idea of the standard of tennis from other clubs and venues but none the less we were all very excited to get on court. The support from the players and parents has been (as always) fantastic! We entered five teams across four different tournaments, with a team in each of the Yellow Ball, Mini-Green and Mini-Orange events, and two teams in the Mini-Red event. Results are as follows: Mini-Red (Team A) Team Captain:  Ben Players: Elliot, Lewis, Gigi and Erin Fixtures:               Haverhill             Home                    Won      12 – 4 Red Lodge           Away                     Won      W/O Wortham             Home                    Won      13 – 3 Culford ‘A’           Away                     Won      10 – 6 Picture: The Mini Red A Team. EBAT Mini-Red A (1) Mini-Red (Team B) Team Captain:  Jamie Players: Elena, Joe, Morgan, George, Jasper and Bliss Fixtures:              Holbrook             Away                     Won      12 – 4 A&M Tennis        Away                     Won      13 – 3 Culford ‘B’           Home                    Won      15 – 1 Picture: The Mini Red B Team EBAT Mini-Red B (1) Mini-Orange Team Captain:   Matthew Players: Amber, Alana, Ella, Harry, Alister and Imogen Fixtures:               A&M Tennis       Home                    Won      W/O Wortham            Away                      Won      14 – 6 Haverhill             Home                    Won      14 – 6 Red Lodge           Away                     Won      20 – 0 Picture: The Mini Orange Team EBAT Mini-Orange (1) Mini-Green Team Captain:   Aaron Players: Eleanor, Jessie, Will and Carrie Fixtures:               Holbrook             Away                      Won      5 – 1 A&M Tennis       Away                      Won      W/O Ipswich SC          Away                      Lost        6 – 1 Wortham             Away                      Lost        4 – 3 Framlingham      Home                    Draw Picture: The Mini Green Team EBAT Mini-Green (1) Yellow Ball Team Captain:   Harry Players: Tawana, Lucy, Madeleine and Patricia Fixtures:              Framlingham          Home                 Lost        7 – 6 Overall a great start to Elena’s Academy participating in the AEGON Team Tennis Events.  The Academy participated in 17 matches with 13 wins, one draw and only three losses (two of which went to a final match shootout.) All in all we are very proud of all of the players, they did a fantastic job representing the EBAT and had a great time in the process.  A big thank you also to our amazing parents who yet again went above and beyond to help support each event.  Home teams are required to provide refreshments and our parents laid on spreads that would have put state banquets to shame! Thank you everyone. Both the Mini-Red Teams, and the Mini-Orange Teams secured promotion and we are already looking forward to next years events and the challenges they bring. Jamie Friend EBAT Manager

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