Bally’s Legacy, Vision and Dream Lives On

The School Link Network is the jewel in the crown of the EBAT programme and an area that the Elena Baltacha Foundation invests in heavily in terms of the special relationship we have with all our schools. The school network is especially important and precious as Bally herself with her husband Nino built while they were still on tour and travelling around the world. Nino with Broke Hall Primary School Pupils BROKE HALL PRIMARY Nino said “Bally was committed to school’s and wanted to develop the foundation's links with them, she also had the enormous amount energy required to turn this desire into reality. She knew it was important to get tennis into schools, especially the deprived areas where there was very little interest from other commercial and private member tennis clubs. I'm so proud of her achievements, everyone at the foundation and academy are committed to continuing her plan, vision and dreams". Nino with Gusford Primary School Pupils GUSFORD PRIMARY SCHOOL To ensure that Elena is remembered, Nino personally visits every school where he delivers a talk about Elena and her plans, dreams and vision about getting young children playing tennis. Nino shows the “EBAT Movie” which features Bally and then awards the school with a very special plaque to celebrate the relationship between EBAT and the school. Dale Hall Primary School proudly displaying the plaque. DALE HALL PRIMARY

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