EBAT Player of the Month – September 2015: Alana Bristow

September 2015 has been a great month for Alana. Yet again this young player has demonstrated her ability to be consistent in her performance both during training, and also under pressure in tournaments. Alana works tirelessly and always gives 100%, never frightened to accept a new challenge in her technical sessions - and will always face those challenges head on. Player of the months Alana During September Alana reached no less than four Mini-Orange Tournament Finals, claiming two titles. A lioness on the court who will fight for every point, making herself a difficult opponent to face! Congratulations on behalf of Coach Nino, the EBAT Coaching Team and your fellow EBAT players for this, much deserved award, we look forward to watching you grow and develop your tennis over the years to come. Our congratulations also to the following EBAT players who were also nominated for the September Player of the month award: Patricia Conde Joe Fortnum-Adams Amber Harding Elliott Thomas Well done to you all!

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