Haqim has really found his swing

This is a message that was sent to us by Eva, Haqim's mother telling the story of why tennis is so important to their family and how EBAT has helped their son fulfill his tennis dream. We discovered Haqim's interest towards tennis when he was about 1½ years old. He loved to play with his plastic tennis racket and asked us (the parents) to roll the ball to him so he could hit it back to us with his tennis racket. He did this consistently almost every day in the evening after returning from the nursery. We bought his first tennis racket 19" when he was just 2 regularly taking him to the tennis court. It was also at this time that he started to want everything too do with tennis from wanting a Wimbledon t-shirt, to watching tennis on the TV at every opportunity. For about a year he consistently showed his passion for tennis, so we decided to search for a tennis academy that offers a great coaching to enable Haqim to pursue his interest. This is a picture of Haqim (right) with his tennis friend after a training session at EBAT. Haqim_at_EBAT Haqim has been with EBAT since August 2014 and we found him progressing tremendously well with his dedicated coach, Ben Coupe. Haqim is currently undergoing 3 hours coaching a week. He has shown amazing improvement from the coaching and we are thankful to Ben – he is such a superb coach! We are also grateful to Nino Severino who endlessly gave us the encouragement and direction. Also, to Jamie who saw Haqim's potential when he was first came to EBAT and suggested individual coaching for him. We greatly appreciate the support from all the coaches as well. But most importantantly, we are grateful to Bally for her wisdom and vision that enables Haqim  to benefit from her good initiative in creating EBAT. We searched around and visited several tennis clubs/academies before joining EBAT. We believe EBAT is the best place for our son to achieve his dream to be a professional tennis player. We consider the coaching provided by EBAT to be at a professional level, where you learn the arts and skills of playing the game. We travel from Colchester to Ipswich 3 times a week (a total of about 180 miles) to get the best tennis coaching for Haqim. The journey is worth as you get the best training from the best coaches of EBAT. This is a picture of Haqim (right) with his tennis friend after a training session at EBAT.    

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