Child Protection Policy

CHILD PROTECTION POLICY The United Nations Convention on the rights of the child believes “All children have the right to protection from all exploitation, physical, mental and sexual abuse”. This child protection policy has been written for ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS to ensure a commitment to the protection of children and young people using the service from any form of abuse. It will lay out the procedures to be followed to ensure that the commitment is put into practice. As with all policies, these procedures will be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure they continue to meet Area Child Protection Committee (ACPC) procedures. All children and young people are the responsibility of their parents/carers whilst using this service, unless agreement has been made by prior arrangement or in the case of an emergency.

Key Points included in the policy are:

  • Identification of a named person
  • Signs of abuse
  • How to respond to child abuse and dealing with disclosure
  • How to make a referral
  • How to protect adults/staff/volunteers working with children (self protection)
  • Recruitment/Employment of staff and volunteers (vetting procedures)

Identification of a named person

A named person is responsible for recording monitoring and reviewing the implementation of this policy. Plus the additional role of, providing the necessary support to staff and volunteers. ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS Will the Chairman as the named person.

Signs of Abuse

The following are possible signs of abuse of children, and should be looked at in conjunction with other possible indicators.
  • A child’s or young person’s behaviour has changed noticeably, without an explanation.
  • A child or young person plays with or makes physical contact with other children or adults in a sexually explicit manner.
  • A child or young person is extremely wary of adult’s perhaps one in particular.
  • A child or young person appears to have many worries and fears.
  • A child or young person appears to feel worthless, even perhaps hurts him/herself deliberately.
  • A child or young person may appear to have lots of new clothes and toys.
  • A child or young person becomes withdrawn, nervous, unhappy or lacking in confidence.

Some actual physical signs could include:

  • A child or young person appears to be receiving very poor care.
  • A child or young person has bruising around the genital or anal area. Which is not explained by a fall etc.
  • A child or young person, has bruises, cuts or burn marks that are not satisfactorily explained by a parent.

How to respond to child abuse/make a referral:

ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS Will make its self-known to OFSTED and Suffolk County Council Social Care Services. The named person will make the referral to Customer first following ACPC procedures. It is anticipated that there will be no further intervention by ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS.

Procedure for Staff/Volunteers – in an emergency:

Staff and volunteers recognising abuse where the child may need medical attention. The first action depending on the circumstances will be:
  1. Telephone for an ambulance.
  2. Ask the parent or carer to take the child or young person to the doctor or the Hospital at once.
  3. Offer to take the parent/carer and their child to hospital/surgery/clinic for Immediate medical treatment.
The child to be taken to hospital/surgery/clinic by the named person or by a member of staff or volunteer nominated by the named person. The child or young persons parent or carer must be informed as soon as possible, they are legally responsible. Make contact with the Social Care department to discuss concerns and actions.

Procedure for staff/volunteers – dealing with specific suspected abuse:

If there is a specific incident giving cause for concern but no medical treatment is required, contact with the Social Care Services should be made:
  • Ask for the duty Social Worker.
  • State clearly who you are, where you are from (ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS) and your reason for contacting them
  • Have the following details at hand to give when asked for:
  • Child’s Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Where the parents/carers can be contacted
  • Information about the circumstances or injuries that cause you concern.
  • Any explanation or comment the child/young person or their parents/carers may have made.
Records must be made and kept in a secure place, stating the name of the person spoken to in Social Care Services, the time and date of contact. All the above details passed to Social Care Services by telephone must be followed up in writing as stated in ACPC guidelines. Once the concern has been passed on to Social Care Services the responsibility is no longer that of ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS. ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS Will co-operate with the Social Care Services in their endeavours to follow up concerns about abuse of children and young people that use the service, following the procedures of the ACPC

Procedure for Staff/Volunteers - dealing with non-specific abuse:

In cases that are cause for concern about a child or young person without any specific incident having occurred (under lying factors that could lead to abuse if not identified early enough). The named person will discuss and decide if it is appropriate to contact Social Care and express the concerns as per ACPC guidelines.

Procedure for staff/volunteers when – dealing with a disclosure.

A child or young person who is the victim of abuse may decide to put he/she’s trust in a member of staff/volunteer. It is important that the person should:
  • Show respect for the child/young person, do not brush their words or feelings aside
  • Stay calm and reassuring and avoid expressions of shock or surprise.
  • Listen to and believe what the child/young person tells you.
  • Do not ask leading questions.
  • Ask the child/young persons permission to make notes.
  • Explain whatever the circumstances the child/young person is not to blame.
  • Explain that you cannot promise to keep what you have been told a secret. You will have to tell someone else.
  • Tell the child/young person what you are going to do next. Tell he/she about the people with whom you will share the information.
  • Reassure the child/young person it was the right thing to do to tell someone.
  • Reassure the child/young person there are people to help them.
At the end of the conversation, write everything the child/young person has told you about the disclosure in a factual manner.

Make sure it includes:

  • The date and time of the disclosure
  • Name and age of the child/young person making the disclosure
  • Content of the conversation – using the exact words used by the child/young person
  • Any follow up action e.g. date, time, and name of contact in Social Care Services (following the procedures listed in this document)
  • Report the incident and any action taken to your named or nominated person.
ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS Will keep a daily diary for each session run in which staff/volunteers will record how the session went, changes they would make and also any area’s for concern, especially in connection with the users of the service e.g. signs of neglect in children, bruises, etc.

Procedure for staff/volunteers – Self-protection:

It is important that self-protection guidelines are developed for staff/volunteers working with children and young people to avoid instances of false allegations:
  • Be proactive – no staff/volunteers to be on their own with an individual Child/young person.
  • In the event of any injury to a child/young person, accidental or otherwise, must Be recorded and witnessed by another adult.
  • Written records of any allegation a child/young person makes against a member
Of staff/volunteer this should include everything e.g. “you hit me” “ you’re always picking on me” staff /volunteer to inform another member of staff/volunteer if they are aware a child/young person does not like them.
  • If a child/young person touches a member of staff/volunteer in an inappropriate
  • Place or manner, record what happened and inform a member of staff/volunteer Immediately.
  • Staff/volunteer must never do anything of a personal nature for children/young People that they can do themselves e.g. wiping bottoms, unbuttoning trousers.
  • Staff/volunteer are not to go to the toilet alone with children/young people, leave a door ajar and always tell another member of staff/volunteer where you are going and why.
  • Staff/volunteers must be careful where they touch a child. Never pat a child on the bottom.
  • Staff /volunteers to be aware of appropriate behaviour, re – enforce it with young people. e.g. is it appropriate for a 13-year-old to drape his/her arms around your neck.
ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS Staff/volunteer team will be a very diverse group, and as individuals have a great deal to offer, at all times staff/volunteers must be aware of their own behaviour and the effect it has on others All staff/volunteers must be aware of the diversity of the families using ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS and that their own approaches towards children/young people using the service may be misunderstood. All staff/volunteers will (through training) be expected to be honest and caring in their approach to both service users and colleagues, and at all times to be aware of the differing needs of families and individuals. Staff/volunteers will attend regular Child Protection Training as laid down by ACPC guidelines.


Staff/volunteers will have regular supervision sessions with the named person, to allow them to express their feelings and concerns about working with ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS. The named person will have monthly supervision from a committee member who ideally is qualified and experienced in child growth and development. If there are such times when this is not available, monthly supervision will be undertaken by a qualified counsellor with the cost being met by ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS. When the need arises Child Protection supervision of the named person will be undertaken by a qualified counsellor in the work of Child Protection, the cost will be met by ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS.

Selection of Staff and Volunteers:

All applications for vacant posts (paid and voluntary) within ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS will be treated equally, all posts require a CRB check to be undertaken.

Application forms will include:

  • Full name Current and recent addresses Date of birth Previous experience of work with children/young people. Permission to contact two people as referees that can confirm their previous work
With children/young people.
  • Details of any convictions for criminal offences against children including “spent”
Convictions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
  • Applicant to be made aware that a full CRB check will be undertaken.
  • Recruited employees and volunteers will not commence work for ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS until return of the references and the CRB check.
  • Paid and voluntary appointments will be confirmed only after the successful completion of a probationary period of three months.


ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS Will implement an equal opportunities policy and all staff/volunteers will be treated equally. All staff/volunteers will complete a formal programme of induction prior to them working with children and young people. All staff/volunteers will undertake regular child protection training to enhance their work with children and young people. The named person/committee member will both undertake training in supervision of staff.

Disclosure Information regarding applications for Staff/Volunteers

In accordance with section 124 of the Police Act 1997. Disclosure information is only passed to those who are authorised to receive it in the course of their duties. We maintain a record of all those to whom Disclosure or Disclosure information has been revealed and we recognise that it is a Criminal Offence to pass this information to anyone who is not entitled to receive it. Disclosure material will not be kept on an applicant’s personal file and will always be kept separately and securely, in lockable, non-portable storage containers with access strictly controlled and limited to those who are entitled to see it as part of their duties. As an Organisation using the criminal records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure service to help assess the suitability of applicants for positions of trust. ELENA BALTACHA ACADEMY OF TENNIS Complies fully with the CRB code of practice regarding the correct handling of Disclosure information.

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