24 January 2015: Sports Science Presentation

tennis-programme1We would like to invite you to a presentation being held Saturday 24th January at Ipswich School Sports Centre (Rushmere). This presentation will explain and educate all of the sports science programme we currently run at the academy. This programme has been developed and is used at a High Performance Centre in London, therefore we want to also offer the best for our players here. This programme takes you on a long journey of self development and understanding and the benefits that are gained from all the aspects of the programme supports their off court training. Off court work is as essential as on court tennis work because it assists in developing fitness to support greater performance. There will be 2 presentations held on Saturday 24th giving the option to attend either of them (if you are not already participating in the programme). 1st presentation - 11.10am-12.10pm or 2nd presentation - 12.15pm-1.15pm. There will be the option to ask questions regarding the programme at the end of the session. We would love to see you child involved in a full training programme that will benefit both their tennis performance, but also health and any other sports they participate in. If you would like to attend the presentation and gain a great understanding of the brilliant opportunity these children have then please contact Linday Farrish-Carradice (Sports Scientist)  on 07966032161 to book your place. Look forward to seeing you all there.

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