The Conde Family Story

It was almost three years ago, Patricia came home with a pack inviting her to join EBAT having that day had a visit from Bally and Nino at school, at that point I never thought this would change our lives quite like it has. Patricia's love and dedication towards tennis has not only changed her daily routine, but also our family as a whole. We spend so many hours in the academy during the week that her sister Claudia and I were invited by Head Coach Jamie to help with the registration on busy Saturday mornings, and any other occasion where an extra pair of hands is needed.  We really feel part of the EBAT family and any help we can give we do out of love for all involved, as Claudia says, 'the academy is a place where all the worries disappear and we are surrounded by people that give positivity through care and kindness.' Nino_and_the_Condes_girlsPicture from left to right: Patricia Conde, Nino Severino, Christina Conde & Claudia Conde We think the dedication of the girls has passed through to the whole family through Bally, Nino and Jamie's inspiration. They never let the difficult times get to them and are 100% focused on providing the children at the academy the best training out there. Patricia is now 11 years old and she would love to follow in Bally's footsteps, we will continue to support her all the way and know that one day her dreams will come true. We hope that Bally's legacy and spirit will continue to drive EBAT forward and really make a name for itself as the countries best children's tennis academy.

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